Yes, this post is being posted almost two weeks late; I’ve been ill so haven’t been on the computer much at all.  It is crazy that he is 11 months old – and insane that he is almost a year old.  Insane.

A few new things in Eskil’s life:

  • Eskil crawls all over now.  So he’s having adventures checking out the kitchen and dining room.  As he’s quite clever, if he ever wants to be picked up but we don’t do it immediately, he crawls over to something he knows he’s not supposed to touch, like a power cord, and makes certain we pick him up!  Getting about on his own also means he can chase Lottie more, and she is very patient with him playing with her feet.
  • He had his first haircut on 4 July.  When Scott booked for the appointment they seemed a bit bewildered that he was making a booking for an 11 month old, but when they saw him they didn’t think it was strange!  His hair was definitely in his eyes.  Adam’s Hairdressing for Men was fantastic: really nice, saved hair without mummy even having to ask, and didn’t charge for this first cut.
  • He is still enjoying swimming lessons.  He now goes Saturdays, and we can alternate between mummy and daddy being in the pool with him.
  • He has been having practise sessions at day care, which breaks his mum’s heart.  He starts at daycare on 24th July. 

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