12 of 12, July 2012

12 of 12 is taking 12 photos of your day on the 12th of the month.  I have been doing this for years.  As you don’t have control over when the 12th is, you get an interesting cross section of your life – some days so normal you wouldn’t otherwise photograph them and other days special.  This day fits into the ‘normal, but special because I spent it with my boy’ category.  🙂

This is the first 12 of 12 in a long time I haven’t had at least (usually more!) 12 photos.  I was ill and feeling awful, so didn’t take many photos!

[slickr-flickr id=”21284831@N00″ api key=”916a33914a83be0bcdfd314f95d72d55 ” tag=12of12July2012 descriptions=on captions=on sort=date flickr_link=on autoplay=off type=galleria delay=10 size=m640]

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