What is Snuva?

Snuva was my beloved dog, who has unfortunately died.

Snuva is also still my geocaching name, which is a fitting tribute to her.   A lot of this blog talks about our geocaching adventures – mainly as I love geocaching and it’s the sort of thing that gets you out doing interesting stuff!   Snuva is still a fitting name for me as a geocacher, as geocaching entails getting out and doing things, using your brain, finding great bushwalks, being curious, socialising with other cachers, etc – all things the real Snuva loved.

In newer posts you’ll see Lottie referred to often.   Lottie’s my new dog, adopted on 7 December 2007 when she was one year and one month old.   Lottie is the daughter of one of Snuva’s litter mates, so is Snuva’s niece.   Lottie spent the first year of her life as an occasional show dog and living with her breeder, Wittmore Standard Schnauzers.   She’s learned to love geocaching!

You’ll also see lots of posts about my son.  He does monthly reviews of how he thinks his parents are doing.  Isn’t he clever?

I aslo do ’12 of 12′, where you take 12 (or more) photos of your day once a month on the 12th.  I find it interesting to record not just special days, and as the 12th is just a random day that is sometimes special and sometimes a boring work day, over time you really get an interesting cross-section of your life.  I wish I’d started it even more years ago!

And behind it all, there is a human.  I live in Hobart, Tasmania.  I’m female, I’m married, and I’ve grown used to answering the name Snuva.  Occasionally you find out in this blog what we’ve been doing aside from geocaching.