12 of 12, June 2012

12 of 12 is taking 12 photos of your day on the 12th of the month.  I have been doing this for years.  As you don’t have control over when the 12th is, you get an interesting cross section of your life – some days so normal you wouldn’t otherwise photograph them and other days special.  This day fits into the ‘normal, but special because I spent it with my boy’ category.  🙂

Although a Tuesday, because Monday was the Queen’s birthday holiday the day felt like a Monday.  We did our usual stuff around the house – Eskil playing on the floor and getting up on hands and toes, Lottie following me around and not giving me a millimetre of personal space, me trying unsuccessfully to keep the house from being too chaotic and keep Eskil and Lottie happy (easily done with Eskil; impossible with Lottie).  I went to the doctor to pick up a script, then we met Scott for lunch.  The weather was on the chilly side, with clours fighting it out with sun trying to win – and the clouds mostly succeeding.  It is winter and just over two weeks to longest night, so sunrise was at 7:39 am amd sunset at 4:42 pm.

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