Where there's smoke, there better not be caches!!

Still smouldering Actual flames Snuva with the safe caches

A note in the forum from maffu / ftstn / Team Rabble regarding burning off on the Domain had Snuva worried about some of the caches there, so she had her slaves leave work early, pick her up, and they went to retrieve Roman’s View, Targa Remains, and Domain Secrets (the silly female slave couldn’t find Pete’s Gardens and Gadgets with all the new growth since we did it!). The controlled burn came to within 38m of Targa Remains and was still smouldering – there were even a few flames! Good thing none of us are asthmatic. We will contact Hobart City Council and see if they have any information regarding whether any more controlled burns are scheduled. There seemed to be flame retardant foam and such near Roman’s View as well although no burns around that way yet.

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