A-haunting we all go!


Snuva and her slaves have been engaging in something almost as fun as geocaching; we call it ‘haunting’.
Haunting involves a few different elements. Firstly, it takes place at a specified time. This time is every Monday evening as soon after work as possible. Second thing that should probably be mentioned is place: the dog beach near Snuva’s Haunt.

Probably the most important element of all is caching hounds and geocachers. Fairly Magic, with Harry the GeoPup, and Cheesy Pigs are the other regulars (other than Snuva and her slaves). El golco has stopped by a couple times, Swampy graced us with his presence once, and Dippidy literally ran past!

Wine and food are also quite important. As it is summer there has been quite a bit of white, rose, and bubbly happening. And take-away dinner is extremely popular – roast chicken, fish and chips, sushi – whatever!

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