I don't know. . .

Something that amused at least me and one other person has seems to have really upset many others. I don’t know.

Part of me thinks that if the point of letting GCA be more flexible is to let different ideas to happen, then what is wrong with this? On the other hand I knew this cache wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea so was it fair of me to list it in the first place?

However if we follow that to its logical conclusion then if I know some people love caches in the bush but hate urban ones, should I only stash bush caches? And if others only like urban caches and hate bush caches should I stash none at all?

I think we don’t do what we don’t want to do – just as I think it’s pointless for someone to rant against a cache owner for making then do a cache they thought was uncomfortalbe and they didn’t liek (who’s forcing you?!). And its a powerful thing if we can ever may anyone smile. Individuals can take it as seriously or non-seriously as they like – for example Horus putting a lot of research behind his response to Terrence Ackbar. But then when I know it bothers others enough that they want to request funtionality to enable them to ignore or filter out my caches – well, I don’t ever go to the GC forums because they are an unhappy, unpleasant place – so am I being horrible and turning GCA into such a place?

I’m really upset. I think I’ve had an exceptionally bad week and am not quite in the emotional state to take this on. And I have no idea why I’m posting any of this here other than my dog isn’t at work to hug me. If I can’t have dog hugs, at least I know I have pig love 🙂

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