Caught the Cache – again!

How frustrating!!! Caxixi was a polite cacher and left Catch the Cache #1 in easy lunchtime walking distance for the slaves. . .however as they had long standing lunch reservations to celebrate the fact the male slave had completed another circuit around the sun they REFUSED to grab this one for me at lunch!

The male slave was going climbing with Cave Geeks in South Hobart after work, so the female slave ducked in to nab the cache after dropping him off. She was tempted to take it back to him so he could put it somewhere really inconvenient on the cliff face but decided against it as that would practically be giving it to Swampy! 😉

Female slave went home to get my advise, and I suggested we try for the place the female slave stashed the cache the first time – but then had to retrieve it because she had forgotten to sign the log book. So we readied the cache and then picked up the male slave. Got to the place we wanted to stash it and. . .lots of trash had blown into it. Last time it was just full of leaves, but this time there were various wrapper and such. Knowing CraigRat’s feelings on this – was well as the rules of the cache – we couldn’t leave it here. At this point I needed to step in. We’d driven around with the cache and with ME a lot, but no bounding across fields or beaches yet. So I suggested a dog-friendly park – even though it would be an easy hide, the park has great views and, importantly, I would get a chance to RUN FREEEE!! And so it was.

I think it is worth mentioning that one of the great things about this cache is that every place it has been hidden has been a fantastic, cache worthy place – so we’re all getting a lot of fantastic place mileage out of this one cache!!!!

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