Euro14 Day 33: York

Temperature: Min 17°C; Max 23°C.
Weather: Lovely. Hot, rain, sun, cloud.

York! After the Tour de France mucked up visiting York with my parents earlier in the trip, it was nice to finally have a day to visit. I lived in York for a year when I did a masters degree at the University of York. It was a lovely city then, and after so much had changed since I’d last been in Europe I was hoping York would be as good as ever.

We parked at a new park and ride at Poppleton Bar outside of town. The free bus took us right into town, and we immediately found somewhere for breakfast. After some yummy eggs benedict, we got to Jorvik just as it opened. I enjoyed Jorvik as much as before, and I think the time travel made it more interesting for Eskil than the normal museum.

We went to the Minster to check out opening times, which were between services as it was a Sunday. We had time before it opened again, so we went for a walk on the city walls then had an ice cream break.
Contantine the Great and York Minster
Eskil and Scott on York's city walls
Ice Cream

We spent a while exploring the Minster.
Inside York Minster
King's Screen, 15th century choir screen

We happened upon a WWII reunion in the Chapter House, and it was lovely seeing the old ladies and gentlemen chatting away with such animation.
WWII reception in the Chapter House
The Fool

Eskil wanted to do a lot of singing and dancing. Of course.
Oh dear. There was dancing. And singing.

After our visit to the Minster, we headed to Clifford’s Tower, which is the keep of an old castle and gives a great view out over York.
Castle Museum
Inside Clifford's Tower

Eskil immediately fell in love with a dragon, who he named Baby Forest.
Baby Forest learning to fly

Eskil got to drive a taxi!
Taxi driver
I love the Castle Museum. A large part of the collection is devoted to the daily life in Yorkshire in different periods in history.
Moorland Cottage, 1850s
Clifford’s Tower from the Castle Museum.
Clifford Tower

Being the Wiggles fanatics that we are, we visited the site where the video Dancin’ on the High Seas was filmed.
Dancin' on the high seas!
Stone Gate
We still didn’t get into either of the Betty’s Tea Rooms in York, but we did a good bit of wandering around. After we took the bus back to the car, we took a quick drive around my old campus and Heslington.
The University of York's Heslington Hall
Micklegate Bar
On the way back to our hotel we had fish and chips for dinner, then wine back in our hotel room as Eskil slept. A full day!

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