Euro14 Day 34: Heading south, Battle, and Ashford

Temperature: Min 16°C; Max 25°C.
Weather: Mostly sunny.

Today we had a lot of miles to cover, so we left our accommodation near York early and were on the road by 8 am. Unfortunately we saw a lot of this:
Headed south
But fortunately Eskil did a lot of this:
Napping on the motorway
And luckily diggas are still quite exciting.
We took motorways south, made stops at roadside rest areas, attempted to avoid construction road closures, drove around London, went over the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at Dartford, and then headed to the smaller roads until we reached Battle mid afternoon. After finding a park, we found a bakery on the main street. They let us know where we could find a playground. Eskil approved.
Wild elephant ride
Playground in Battle - at last
Monkey having fun
Next we visited Battle Abbey and the site of the battle of Hastings in 1066. You can walk around the site of the battle, and there are signposts so you can imagine what happened where. It was warm and rather sunny and a lot of fun.
1066 battlefield
Battle on the battlefield in Battle
Scott and Eskil walking around the Battle battlefield
Battle Abbey Common Room
Battle high street
After enjoying Battle, we took small, twisty roads through Kent seeing lovely fields and hop kilns to our accommodation outside of Ashford. It was nice, and as we were going to be there 2 nights we unpacked the car entirely. Then we headed out to a nearby pub, The Blacksmiths Arms, and had a fantastic meal and beers.
We are in a pub. Eskil is dancing.

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