Canberra: farewell

And so our short trip to Canberra was over. We’ll certainly have to return for a longer trip! There are lots of places we didn’t have a chance to check out, we’ll have to see the arboretum grows, and Eskil will appreciate the museums a lot more when he’s a bit older. And perhaps a trip in a hot air balloon? And we can see how our friends’ bub has grown!

Maybe travel will start to get easier; Eskil’s starting to manage his bag on his own (for short distances).
Managing his bag himself

Monkey George is certainly accustomed to going through security checks.
How Monkey goes through security screening

Eskil and Monkey waiting to board.
Let's choose this one

This is how Hobartians know they are home.
How Hobartians know they've arrived home

The car was at the airport, so we stuffed all our IKEA-filled bags into the car and headed off to get Lottie. She ‘sung’ all the way home. From Acton. Sigh. She was REALLY happy to see us. We were home in the early afternoon, so we had plenty of time for settling in, doing wash, and resting up before work the next day.

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