Canberra: an EPIC market, National Museum of Australia, and a bang of a farewell

We woke up at normal Eskil time met up at our friends’ house. We all headed to the EPIC (Exhibition Park in Canberra) farmers market. As we parked Eskil saw something that might interest him another trip.
Morning Ballooning

We had coffee and breakfast and eyed the produce while our friends did their shopping.
Market time

Back at our friends’ house, Eskil had a play at a playground down the street then enjoyed some time checking out the chooks.
Photobombing chook

Checking out the chooks

We headed off to The Australian National Museum with Pip and Emily. We merely scratched the surface of the collection as we were looking at child pace. I’d like to see a lot more of the building as well.
Looking out of the Australian National Museum

Australian National Museum centre courtyard

The cafe was in a fantastic spot with views across the waterfront – and apparently amazing chips.
They seem to be good chips

Australian National Museum_

We headed back to the hotel for an afternoon rest, then met Pip at The Hamlet. It’s basically an empty lot on Lonsdale Street filled with lots of Food Trucks.
Food Trucks at The Hamlet

We all parked at Angel then walked down to the lakeside. Apparently this is the traditional farewell for Tasmanian visitors, It was very kind of Nat and Pip to arrange it! Eskil enjoyed the fireworks and adored the lightsaber he got.
Fireworks on Lake Burley Griffin

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