Bathroom Reno: Day 11

Detail, detail, detail!  One of the great things about Peter and Stuart’s work is the attention to detail.  Today they spend finishing up a lot of the tiling and grouting the shower.  And a lot of the tiling was around fiddly spots and corners – around the vanity, toilet, window.

Not everyone is as good as these two; apparently the sparky was supposed to come but didn’t make it.  However Peter’s a real project manager, so I’m certain he knows how to handle it.  It is pretty amazing the coordination he’s been able to pull off so far!!

The slaves’ grand towel rail plans had to be scaled back slightly.  They wanted so many double towel rails they had to choose between being able to open the door or their beloved towel rails.  Why do they need so many anyway?  I’m quite comfortable with just my beanbag.  And sheep skin blanket.  And. . .

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