Bathroom Reno: Day 10

It is really taking shape!  And I’ll just quote Scott here: ‘It’s looking even better than I thought it would’.

And it is true.  It’s strange, but on the first day Peter and Stuart started working – when they pulled all the horrible old stuff out of the room – the room seemed strangely small.  But with most of the fittings in situ, the room feels really spacious, certainly better than it was before.  And it goes without saying (although I will anyway) that all the fixtures are ssooo much better, and the workmanship is just great!

I’m a bit worried about where I’ll put my favourite bean bag.  And of course they could have just put a water bowl instead of a new toilet, however I guess I just push the bottons on the top for fresh water, so it works well.  But the white cabinet to keep my treats and cheese in is fantastic!  And of course I’ll just leave my balls and toys all over the floor. . .


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