All Work & No Play Makes Snuva’s Haunt a Dull Blog

A combination of 1st trimester exhaustion and the fact that spring means the garden has need lots of attention has meant we’ve been pretty boring and mostly staying at home lately.  We did have a nice, though brief, trip to Bothwell a few weekends ago to do some geocache maintenance, however mostly we’ve been at home relaxing or attacking the garden.  We recently got in the seemingly annual skip bin to removed lots of prunings and miscellaneous rubbish – and because a friend brought her chainsaw over finally got around to massacring a bunch of horrible weeds / trees.  And therefore need another skip bin.

Recently Scott took EVERYTHING out of the cacheMobile / van / camper.  This hasn’t been done in years.  It’s a Mitsubishi Express van – with sliding doors on both sides, which is just brilliant.  My father built the bed platform / storage ‘infrastructure’ back when I lived in Sydney.  It’s only been out once or twice since as there’s no real need.  However that did mean a lot of dirt and gravel had accumulated underneath.  So last night that was all swept up, a treat of Snuva’s that had at some point melted and adhered to the floor under the bed was scrubbed up, and we were all good to get the infrastructure back in.  Tonight I’ll go through all the miscellaneous stuff that was in storage and make certain only camping gear and non-‘aged’ geocaching supplies go back in.  Then we should be ready to head off this weekend for some camping with other geocachers!  It’s been a while!  We used to go camping at least once a month, but things the last couple years have really slowed that down.

CacheMobile: Totally Empty and Swept

CacheMobile: Emptied and Swept Out

CacheMobile: Infrastructure Reinserted

CacheMobile: With Infrastructure Replaced

I hate to say it, I’m not sure what the future of the van will be.  It’s only a two seater, which has been fine  for Scott & I and has suited Lottie and Snuva well (they ride on the bed wearing their seatbelt harness attached to the frame of the van), but it won’t work for Blobby.  We can’t get a baby capsule thingo in it.  Maybe something could be worked out to get a rear seat in and work it out with the bed, but the van is also getting old, so maybe replacing it is the best option anyway.  We’ll see.  We’ll just have to try to get as much use out of it in the coming months as possible!

Anyway, it’s almost ready to head off for the weekend; now we just need the weekend to arrive!  At least this month’s 12 of 12 won’t be yet another exciting day in my office!

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