2nd Lottieversary

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Today we celebrated another year of having Lottie as our dog.  Unfortunately for her, it was a Monday so she spent the day guarding Her Domain whilst Scott and I toiled away to earn money for her upkeep.  The one celebratory thing I did for her sort of flopped.  I thought I’d get her some roo mince as a treat, but she didn’t like it.  She likes chicken.

For the 1st Lottieversary, I listed Lottie’s achievements for the year, so I may as well make it as tradition:

  • Learning strangers aren’t evil  Lottie was VERY shy of strangers when we first got her.  As soon as someone entered the house, she would hide behind a piece of furniture.  It took many liver treats for her to come out, and she only did that nervously.  She’s quite comfortable with most people now.  For example, she immediately took to SamCarter and loved my father when he visited.
  • Making dog friends  I don’t know if this is so much an achievement as just something that happened, but I’ll put it in the list.  Lottie has made several dog friends this year.  Her main new dog friend is Flynn, who she meets up with to go to the beach, hang out in his back garden, or have sleepovers.  Flynn also has a new brother, Devon, who is a puppy – so completely mad – that Lottie gets on well with.  She also has a play date with Felix every Tuesday evening at the Cornelian Bay dog beach (so that’s obviously bath night for her!).
  • Dog sized people can be fun  We don’t spend any time around small children, so when our friends Lye Yee and Clayton came to visit with their son Liam, Lottie didn’t understand what he was at first.  He was small like a dog, liked to be wild and play like a dog, but was furless in the bath.  In the end she decided he was fun.
  • Training her people  When Lottie arrived, there were certain things she had to learn in order to be a member of the household.  Likewise, she’s left her own stamp on Snuva HQ.  These include: when I’m going up the stairs, if she gets to the top before me and stands diagonally across the top two steps, I must rub her tummy; she needs to sit on the chair under the window when we aren’t home in order to patrol the street; in the middle of the night she will leap up to sit next to me for a tummy rub; after the tummy rub she will attempt to sleep on my feet; when Scott is downstairs his side of the bed is hers; the rear passenger’s seat is hers, etc.
  • She became the hug police  Scott and I aren’t allowed to hug unless she can join in.
  • The Ultimate Beggar  A cute dog can get anything she wants (usually a tummy rub) if she sits up with a straight back and folds her front paws down.  A needy look on the face helps too.
  • Firsts  Lottie was the first dog to walk on the moon and the first standard schnauzer to obtain a Tasmanian Driver’s Licence.  (These claims are unverified, however they are what Scott told me were Lottie’s achievements this year.)

This next year should be an interesting one for her.  I know she’d love to have another puppy around the house, but I don’t know how she’ll react to the human puppy!

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