31 Month Review

As I’m a 2 year old, I am contractually obligated to provide challenges to my mummy and daddy. I’m very good at being a 2 year old!

  • Monkey George is still my very bested of best friends, but Bubby Fox is also special. Bubby Fox needs to sleep with Monkey and me, however he doesn’t need to come with us everywhere.  When I go to bed, Monkey and Bubby Fox sleep to my right, with Monkey on the outsite as he can be trusted more not to fall out of bed.  They get told to GO TO SLEEP.
    Rating: Hooray for Monkey and Bubby Fox!
  • At day care, for some reason my friends Archie, Oscar, and Rhys started going to a different room at the start of the year.  I kept looking through windows and playground fences at them, but I didn’t get to play with them.  But suddenly last week I’m in the same room with them!  I was confused when mummy and daddy took me to a different room, but then my friends yelled ESKIL and we all posed and ran to the window to make faces at mummy and daddy as they left.  Hooray!!!
    Rating: Top marks for letting me be with my friends – finally!
  • I have decided that blue is the bestest colour.  I like drinking from a blue cup, I sort the blue blocks out first, I like my blue plate, I wear blue shoes – blue, blue, blue!
    Rating: Blue ribbons all around.
  • I really enjoy categorising things. I put my blocks away by colour, I line my shoes up, and I make patterns with nappies I take out of the cupboard.
    Rating: This is in the category of Eskillence.
  • A few months ago I was ill and had a sore throat; I didn’t want food – only milk.  So I convinced mummy and daddy to mostly let me eat milk at home.  At day care I still ate the food, but at home I mostly prefer to eat milk.  For some reason, mummy decided I had to eat more food at home, so I am.  When mummy first started making me drink milk from a big boy cup instead of a sippy, I needed to find dummies even thought I’ve never liked dummies.  I’ve adjusted now, and sometimes can still have milk from a sippy – especially as there have been some Milk Spillage Incidents.
    Rating: I eat MUK.  :-/
  • The weather has been warm, so we’ve been to the beach many times. This makes Lottie doggie happy, and I have to tell her what to do and the other dogs that she is MY doggie and throw sand at daddy and mummy.  (Mainly throw sand. Because.)
    Rating: Sand daddy!
  • Apparently I’m a chatterbox.  This must be a good thing, as I’m Eskillent.
    Rating: Big high tummel my turm sky .
  • I’m very concerned with what belongs to whom.  Daddy’s paint, mummy’s book, daddy’s blue, Lottie’s monkey, Eskil’s ball, mummy’s bands, etc.
    Rating: My Eskil blankie!
  • I love helping.  I help make coffee, and I want to help do most things in the kitchen.  And I take the coffee cups into the kitchen, helping mummy cook and work the kitchen diggas, and I put things into the dishwasher.  I help with the vaccumming – which is Eskillent as it is a digga.
    Rating: Eskil big helping!
  • On Friday mornings mummy and I go to playgroup at the museum and art gallery.  I get to see my Eskil dinosaur and the tiger and Coco the caterpillar and John and I run a lot – especially when everyone else is sitting and listening – and I climb on mummy and I want to be upside down.  So, you know, Eskil as usual.
    Rating: Playgroup and MY ESKIL dinosaur.

And now some photos of me:
Eskil snd Monkey
Boys at the beach
At the duck park - bonus diggers!
He loved playing with the bucket in the sand
Sous chef Eskil
Vampire boy
Eskil dances while Lottie relaxes
New red boots
Rocks and ants!
Crazy dancing boy
Sand digger
Passport application time
Jodi and Eskil
Big kite!
The most exciting day ever at the train park!
No idea what Eskil's doing
Climbing at the beach
Eskil, Monkey, and the dinosaur!

Kerin and Eskil
Eskil and the pig

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