12 of 12, March 2014

Like last month, this month’s 12 of 12 is a Wednesday – another boring work day.
Temperature minumum / maximum: 12 C / 20 C
Weather: sunny / partly cloudy

No idea! but it was funny

Eskil found this very funny


This is where the old Tasmanian government Printing Authority building was, as well as the PBX and Annex. They are being demolished for Parliament Square.


At 10 am most work days I meet up with Naomi and Catherine and we get a coffee. COFFEE.


After doing some errands – getting some shirts and a water bottle for Eskil – I grabbed some lunch.

Lunchtime glory

I at lunce in Mather’s Lane.

I yearn to have the key!

Walking home after work, I pass this stairway which overlooks the site being demoished for Parliament Square. How I yearn to have a key!

Early autumn colour?

Early autumn colour?

Ants mummy!

When we got home, Eskil wanted to help mummy put the bin away (he LOVES helping). Over where the bin goes, there were ants on the ground. ANTS, MUMMY!

Big mean guard doggie!

Lottie looks vicious in this photo, but she was yapping as she was eager to be petted.

Hold on!

For some reason Eskil wanted daddy to HOLD ON to his foot.

Sunflower in the garden

Sunflower in the garden


From the helipad

View from the helipad

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