32 Month Review

Mummy has been thinking about how much I’ve changed since last year, so some of my comments here will refer back to the post from 6 April 2013.  Obviously I’m much older and wiser – and chattier.

  • I don’t seem to be growing more teeth, so I must take care of them.  I have had 4 toothbrushes in my life, one I chewed until the bristles are all flat, a purple one I lost behind the couch for a few months, a green buzzy one, and the bestest one that I love and that I will use my whole life, my Wiggles toothbrush.  I’m fantastic at brushing my teeth, so I don’t understangd why daddy feels the need to ‘help’ sometimes.
    Rating: Wiggles toothbrush is the bestest; I chose it myself!
  • Last year I loved climbing things, and I still do!  Not just stairs but high equipment at the park or onto tables.  I also love to do big jumping off of things.  Sometimes I ask mummy for her hands, but other times I just jump.
    Rating: A high rating for being high up.
  • I still love books, however my favourites are different at the moment.  I like anything with my Monkey George, diggers, anything by Audrey and Don Wood, and anything by Lynley Dodd (I’m especially taken with Scarface Claw!).
    Rating: Well done books for being fun and having great stories!
  • I’m beginning to care about what clothes I’m wearing and what shoes I’m wearing.  Mummy and daddy are strange and think some of my shoes are identical, but I know which one I want.
    Rating: I want what I want; needs improvement.

Eskil and Lottie at Kingston Dog Beach
Throwing a stick at daddy
His first time licking the whisk
Eskil's performance space
Nap time
Monkey hugging Bubby Fox
Cutting snakes, i.e making riccotta gnocchi
Reading a digger book
He loves doing crocodile jumps!