30 Month Review

This month I wasn’t a boy who flew everywhere; we’ve been at home settling back into our routine.  (However at every chance I get, I still like to talk about Eskil being in an airplane in the sky.)

  • I enjoy tunnels.  I like them at the choo choo park, and I love them when the car drives under them – even if it’s just under a bridge.
    Rating: Gold stars to TUMMELS.
  • I talk up a storm and am still inventing my own language where English fails me. To ask to sit on a digger or motorcycle, I might say something like ‘BIKE! My Eskil chair bike!’.  Recently I’ve decided that Ms are more fun than Ns to say, so I take my turm and enjoy yelling at tummels.
    Rating: Top marks to all bikes and diggers who are MY Eskil chair bike digga.
  • As it is summer, we go to the beach often.  I don’t like even the most microscopic wave, but I’m happy to kick my feet in the water if I’m held and mummy or daddy walk in.  And I’m always happy to tell Lottie what to do.
    Rating: Waves are AAACCCKKK!!!
  • My bedtime is usually at around 7 pm, after In the Night Garden.  After all the bye-bye and singing rituals, I often sing and chat myself to sleep.  It can take an hour or two for me to do all the singing and chatting I need to before sleeping.  I usually wake between 6 and 7 (closer to 6 on weekends; not infrequently after 7 or 7:30 when mummy and daddy need to get to work).  Sometimes I wake up at 5 am and call for mummy and daddy, but they don’t seem to be able to hear at that time of day and I usually go back to sleep.  I doesn’t hurt trying though!
    Rating: 5 stars for mummy and daddy letting me sing, but have your hearing checked!
  • I still love books.  My TS sent me a new digger book, and I love it.  And I love Monkey George books and lots of other books.
    Rating: Top marks for top books.
  • The Christmas tree gone!  Oh dear!  Mummy bonk head – oh dear!  Eskil toe hurt – oh dear!
    Rating: Oh deee-ya!
  • I don’t really mind what clothes I wear, although I’d rather never change them, however I have very specific idea about the shoes I wear.  I always want one of the same 2 pairs, and I don’t understand what mummy and daddy mean by ‘worn out’.
    Rating: Negative points for making me wear other shoes.

And now some photos of me:
A quick bike ride
Greedy Monkey
He wanted to be in the tree
Monkey's turn
Falling on Daddy's Shoulders
Sigh.  He insists on taking the recycling out.
I sent him up the chimney to clean after this.
Nanny Patsy with Monkey George and Eskil
Shoes. I don't understand.
Tired cuddles

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