Tiny Tamar Trip

Sunday 13 March Well, with a cache event next weekend, and Snuva coming up close on 100 but unable to hit the milestone in the South, Snuva convinced the slaves that a quick over-nighter to the Tamar was just the thing! We headed up on Sunday, hitting River Rest and Where is the Snow? on our way into Launnie. These had been done early in the day, so by the time we got to The Royal Tour and time to Point for Home we were pretty darn hot! In fact, as we were nearing the end of The Royal Tour, we passed a rather swish restaurant and in response to asking if we could buy some water, the princess was presented with her own bowl of cool water and even the slaves were rewarded with some icy water (good thing too, the female slave was getting a bit, well, grumpy with the heat!). We headed north and hit Definitely Daytime then reached our 100th cache find at Bonnie’s Lament!! It was a fantastic cache to relax at for a time and cool off. I had a swim while the slaves cooled their ugly pink feet, then we were off again to grab ELBOW BENDER and Our Tamar Retreat before travelling back to the other side of the river to camp at Rotten Eggs. We had grabbed a bottle of champers near On a Pile of Gold, so sat on the beach with dinner and some bubbly – what a way to celebrate!

Monday 14 March We headed back near On a Pile of Gold to have some brekkie (fantastic café there – they even put out a lovely bowl for the important dog visitors and have a lovely soft rug on the porch to ensure those of us not sitting in chairs are comfy). We headed off for Black ‘Stump’ Heights, then made our way to Reserved at Egmont. What a great little stop! This one will be another camping stop for us, prefect for a Friday night camp when we’re headed to the NW! I had a little swim – until I noticed the big bovine muggles moving on! Decided it was the perfect time to head out towards Crab Walking, Any Port in a Storm, and Pingus Point: found zilch! Pingus Point: no Snuva’s allowed. Crab Walking: had a nice walk, but only found an area trampled by workmen and slithery muggle who scared off the male slave. Any Port in a Storm: great dog-friendly beach, but no luck here!

In order to score some before we had to point for home, we went a little further west and had a final leg stretch at Trex’s Treasure and Spirit of Travel Bugs (Devonport). Lovely walk for those, and we chatted with and were admired by all sorts of folks waiting to get onto the Spirit of Tasmania. As we walked back to the cacheVan, we saw the Spirit heading off and knew it was time for us to head home too. But what a fantastic little break – and we got to 100 finds!!!!