The Devils Easter Geo Hunt & BBQ Weekend!

Friday night we headed out and camped at our newly found camping spot, Reserved at Egmont. In the morning we had a leisurely breakfast in the town, then headed off to ‘gizer land! On the way to the event we quickly dropped in on Tumor Pi, the arrived at the event! We had a great time, especially as not only were the young energizers and tweetis there, but Captain Tiges and Digger aloysius were there too! AND there was a BBQ and the humans were a bit sloppy with their meat!!! The was a bit of caching fun, The Winner is Nat – well, robtas and jantas, actually 😉 We then headed off to the energizer’s house, where the tweetis were staying too, and orac7000 gave us a couple fantastic photos – one with Tiges & I in the photo (and Tiges is airborne!) and one of this impossibly large incredible ant that he had photographed at the event. After dinner, the female slave and I went out with Mr Engergizer to grab roamin’ ducks – fantastic cache even at night – lots of nocturnal native creatures scampering around. Great moon-lite night, fantastic cache! How well you treat your guests, energizers!!! Back at the homestead and the slaves poured a bit of wine down their gluttonous throats. I would have preferred to sleep with the girls or Tyler, however we stayed in the cacheMobile so we could head out early in the am and get some caching in before we had to head south.

Sunday 20 March Up and out of the driveway early so we didn’t disturb our lvoely lovley hosts and other visitors from the south, we headed into the centre of town for some coffee and strategizing. We reached Bypass Bay fairly early before muggles were an issue, then grabbed Kerplunk! Track 14, then were in the land of robtas and grabbed I CAN ALMOST SEE YOU, FOOTROT FLATS, RATS (near death experience at the last of these, but all in a day’s caching!) and finally were able to log UFO!! We then headed off to Chicken Decreasing in Velocity, which we had heard a lot about – and rightly so, we thought! Some great dog friendly caches along here; Snuva really enjoyed taking A WALK ON THE ROCKY SIDE and Turner and Pooch. Then it was time for NO SWIMMING HERE, which Snuva thought was an inappropriate name – she’d LOVE to have a mud swim here!!!!! However, after this one it was time to head home; we only had time to grab Stand and Deliver on our way past (thanks for the text message, Malbena – it was approved after we’d left Hobart 😉 ).