Day 1: flights and caches in Morgan Hill

Last thing the female slave did before leaving Hobart was to take the beautiful Snuva for a walk in the park above Snuva HQ. The pretty little princess will be missed!!
]Photo – Snuva]
It was a beautiful sunny Hobart morning. We went to Banjo’s for brekkie, and I went through my normal ‘conniptions’ thinking I’d left various essential items at home. We made it to the airport in plenty of time and Scott stayed with me until I had to board my flight and stayed near the window watching until my flight left. But I had my dark chocolate Lindt Easter bunny from him to keep me company – as well as a load of travel bugs!!
[Photo – travel bugs.]

My flight to Sydney was great – 3 seats to myself and the TBs, friendly staff, easy transfer from Domestic to International, etc. This all changed for my next flight. Even check-in was chaotic – and I had United staff telling me conflicting things and then reprimanding me for not being in the right place, my question whether I could get a window or aisle seat was greeted with a rude ‘you get what you get’!!! The two hours I had free before boarding went quickly; the flight was hell. I was in the middle of the middle section. The woman between me and the aisle took a sleeping tablet and slept the entire trip. The cabin crew were nasty – acted as though helping passengers was a HUGE imposition on their time. Not much sleep was had.

Upon arrival in SF, immigration was uneventful however my bags were some of the last to arrive. Mum, Dad, Erik and my sisterhund chepup/Maria were outside waiting. We got straight into the van, stopped off at David’s briefly for some spare bedding, then had a nice lunch at an Italian place near where Far Mor’s condo was. We stopped near Trader Joe’s at Almaden Plaza (?) so mum could run some errands; I fired up my GPSr – and there were SO MANY caches!! It as tempting, however I wanted to do Max’s Napping Place first as this is was the cache where chepup picked up the Australian Honeymoon travel bug. She brought this bug with her to Tasmania, and we set the cache Chepup & Snuva together to launch it in Australia!

We did Max’s Napping Place on the way to the house with everyone (although Erik stayed in the van).

After that we drove to the house, I greeted Skona and Flaka and met the REAL Che, then dropped off my stuff and dad, Maria and I set off with all the pups for some caching and some walking. Our first stop was ‘Wright stop’. There was a bit of pressure – dad and chepup had tried this one before and not found it – but it didn’t take too long to track down! Then we it was off to ‘Take a Break’ where we ran the dogs and found the hide that would eventually launch the Tassie bug race! After that chepup and I found “DUCK”. We were unsuccessful at Outta Play, but my caching mojo was back when I spotted 21 Mile House from quite a distance away! After provisioning ourselves at Nob Hill, we hit Along the De Anza Trail 1 – Gilroy on the way back to the house. Not bad for Day 1!