Day 2: Caching & Chocolate Day!

Chocolate day! We woke to Easter baskets from mum; plenty of chocolate provisions to spur our caching on!

Maria and I had arranged to meet her boyfriend, David, at our aunt’s house, then do a walk around the hills of Santa Teresa County Park behind her house before meeting the whole family for Easter lunch/dinner.
Chepup and Snuva caching!!!

So meet and cache we did! I think the order we did them in was: Happy Halloween Hex, Support the Troops, I LIKE 1KE, Bernal Hill, Nicely Stacked, M&J Style: Mint Cage, Once in a Blue Moon, BGJ Ranch, Santa Teresa Spring, and finally Bear Tree Lot. Not a bad go for a morning’s caching! We arrived back at TS’s house later than we intended to, however strangely enough we were some of the first there?! We could have cached some more!!!
[caching photo or two]

However it gave me time to be reacquainted with Katie, Megan and TS and meet Katie’s boyfriend David. We had a long evening ahead – eating, drinking, and talking!