Malbena, Malbena, Malbena, tweet, Malbena, tweet!

Late February saw more caches from Malbena, and how good were these! On the 16th, Snuva and the female slave found The Russians are Coming II, which was pretty cool! I knew there were some fortifications closer to the beach, however had no idea of the existence of these.

Then that Sunday we visited A Stream at Risdon. The slaves had never been here as this isn’t a dog friendly area, so I sent them off to find the cache on my behalf. They enjoyed the walk and also enjoyed listening to the muggles chatting away while they were in the bush finding the cache. I need to watch the slaves or they’ll just start hiding in bushes for the hell of it! They had a bit of a drama. The battery died in the cacheMobile they had taken, and the caretaker wasn’t too sympathetic. If RACT hadn’t arrived when he did, they would have been shut in with no way home but their feet.

On the 28th we hit The Russians are Coming III at lunch. This is a great series! This is going to be a fantastic cache for visitors as it’s a short multi that lets the hunter grab some history in a lovely setting with marvellous views!

Then Wednesday evening, we got a chance to take in twistiTweeti’s first cache, Kristy’s Cunning Sheep. It was in a lovely park in the northern suburbs. We’re not very familiar with the area, so it was great to have Kristy leading the way! The boom gate was across when we got there, however as Snuva’s much shorter than it is so she walked under without even realising it ;-). We were especially pleased to get a FTF on this one as this cache and its contents were Snuva’s birthday present to twistiTweeti, given to her on the pizza night that we had with the whole tweeti mob, Team Malbena, and the energizers when the ‘gizers were down in late January.