The wilds of the NE. . .

Sunday 13 February Having not been any further up the east coast than Bob Marley and the. . . since we started caching, we thought a quick trip was in order. With Monday a local holiday, we headed up on Sunday afternoon and hit Arthur’s Barrow. This was our first cache to log on GCA, and it was a pretty impressive Horus-special. The views! The views!! The wind, the wind!

We wanted to head east, so just drove on to St Helens in time for a late-ish dinner. It was a bit late to be calling in on Mrs Aloysius, who had just moved into town and had not yet been joined by Mr Aloysius, so after eating at our favourite Italian restaurant in town we headed off for a fantastic camp near Sloopy’s Spa Bath.

Monday 14 February Snuva and the female slave woke up early, and the views out of the cacheVan’s windows were just too stunning so we were on the beach by 7.30am scampering in the waves. We then headed off to get the necessary information and make the necessary guesses in order to log good ol’ Sloop. Then off to Alfs Home Away form Home (and Away), and to town and COFFEE. We zipped out to leave a little present for Aloysius, Me & Mo, then stopped in at Digger’s HQ to see if anyone was around. Digger and Klaus were home, but noone else so we left a GCA bumper sticker and were on our merry way. There weren’t many caches on this trip, however they were certainly memorable. Take a Walk On the Wild Side was probably the best one of the day being a lovely walk through the bush ‘bookended’ by waterfalls. St Columba has Fallen was another good one short but lovely walk to some falls. We made an attempt at Cachestamper, which I’ve wanted to get to for ages, however a Forestry Tasmania notice said the area was closed so we pushed off. Grrh. Before leaving the area we set another little drive-by, Blue Tears. The cache we enjoyed least on the trip was Bens Fern Gully. Reception was poor, the hint didn’t help much, and Princess Snuva kept needing to be rescued several times as the overgrowth made it impossible to judge where the ground was – a few ‘interesting mishaps’. Last find for the trip was When Dale Fell for Lilly; great little cache, this! Just a short walk to some lovely falls – slightly impeded by a tree that had fallen across the bridge, but we got there in the end! We took a quick try at River Rest on the way home while having our coffee from Zeps, but being in serious need of a rest we just didn’t have the patience to find it. A quick and exhausting trip, but a good time had by all!