RHSDLWE Day1: Mt Wellington

Hobart from Mt Wellington
Today was the local holiday for the Royal Hobart Show Day, so the husband and I had the day off and spent it taking my father up Mt Wellington to prove you CAN see Hobart from there.  (The last time he was in Hobart, it could be a perfectly clear day but each time he went to the summit there was cloud.  And once it was even snowing!) After taking in the view from the summit, we went down to a lower altitude where Lottie could legally accompany us on a bushwalk. I took a few photos of flowers.
Pandani Flower Greenhood Richea Sprengliodes Flower Scott, Dad and Lottie on the track from Sphinx Rock
The destination of the walk was Sphinx Rock.
Dad, Lottie and Scott at Sphinx Rock
As that walk didn’t exhaust my father completely, I forced him to walk to Silver Falls.
Silver Falls
After this we spent a bit of time relaxing at the Fern Tree Tavern. Then we walked along the Pipeline Track a bit to some old aqueducts.
Aqueducts Along the Pipeline Track
After this we had a quick visit to a native plant nursery at Ridgeway. This provided the perfect opportunity for Lottie to demonstrate the health of her lungs (very healthy). After this I wanted to drop in on a spot I’d visited a week or two before while geocaching; there was a flower starting to open up whose progress I wanted to check on. I’m glad we did as there were some interesting flowers that hadn’t been making a showing at all last time I was there.
Orchid Sundew
After this we just grabbed some salmon and scallops from Constitution Dock and picked up some groceries at the Hill St Grocer and Woollies.

*Note: I haven’t finished uploading photos from the day – and this is rather brief. I went to publish this post a few minutes ago and lost all the changes I’d just made somehow! Hope I get this published this time! 

Our Route

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