Plan B

Plan A was to head to Orford and do the cache Convit Cove, then head south from there and do the caches between there and Dunalley before looping back up to Sorrell and home.  Well, that was the plan anyway. . .

Convict Cove

Cache Details
GC19M5X by Jeremy Grist
S 42° 34.271 E 147° 54.496
Difficulty is 2 and Terrain is 2
Cache type is Traditional
Container size is Regular
It was hidden on: 24/02/2008
Snuva found it on: 8/08/2009
Fantastic! We all really enjoyed this one. Great beach, great walk, great views, great bit of history. And great directions; the cache description had us knowing just what to do at all times. This is definitely one of those caches that takes you to a spot you would never have even known about were it not for caching. In fact I don’t think many people who walk the track even realise how easy it is to get down into this little quarry. I found the cache by just spotting a likely place; my GPSr still said I had 18 m to go (a long 18 m!). What a wonderful spot to sign a log book and watch the fisher muggles below. We then explored around the quarry a bit; I was impressed to see how little rubbish there was despite the fire ring.Thank you very much for the cache!!

Lottie at Spring Beach; Maria Island in the background ConvictCove1 ConvictCoveGZ Walls tower around you once you're inside the quarry

We now headed south along the coastal road. It is just gorgeous. Green paddocks with sheep and cows in the foreground; Maria Island and blue stretching to the horizon in the background. The road’s unsealed but quite good.

Sheep Sheep, Maria Island in the background

We headed inland and further south on the Weilangta Road, then came to a problem: road closed.  We wouldn’t be able to get to all those beautiful caches waiting for us to the south!!  At least we could still get to one of the entrances to the track to one cache though:

Stag (Beetle) Party

Cache Details
GC1JP3P by Team Bubble Tea
S 42° 42.719 E 147° 51.283
Difficulty is 2 and Terrain is 3
Cache type is Traditional
Container size is Regular
It was hidden on: 7/12/2008
Snuva found it on: 8/08/2009
Found it, loved it!! Our big plan today was to head to Orford and find Convict Cove, then do a loop south taking in a bunch of caches. A road closure made this the only cache we could get, but at least it was a good one!I was intrigued by the slightly ‘open’ area near the parking – lots of foxglove and other feral garden plants. 300 metres along the track the husband was pausing beside a wide place in the river and reminiscing about the time someone saw Snuva cooling off in a river and thought she was a platypus. He looked down – and there was a REAL platypus!! We watched it swim and scratched and cavort and generally be a platypus for a while. If you’d like to try to spot it, it was near S42 41.722 E147 51.668. Then we continued on towards the cache, with me stopping for a billion photos along the way. As we approached GZ I check out a spot that just seemed too likely – and there was the cache. Safe in its spot and perfectly dry inside.On the way back to the cacheMobile we stopped to watch the platypus again, but it was nowhere to be seen. I feel so lucky we saw it when we did!!

Thank you for the cache!

Platypus Bushwalkin in Tasmania

As we couldn’t head south, we had to head north. Scott likes the fish and chip shop at Triabunna, so we headed there. We ate our late lunch/early dinner looking across at Dead Island. Looks interesting – and there’s a cache out there – but I think I’ll leave wading across for the summer!

Dead Island near Triabunna

Sleepy Lottie on the CacheMobile's bed


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