Off we dash for the birthday bash!

Female slave was able to escape early from work without the prison guards cuffing her or the psychiatrists restraining her, so she and the HandsomeMan arrived back at Snuva HQ earlier than anticipated.  So of course I had them immediately making the final preparations for our Fifth Birthday Bash Weekend Jaunt!

While they are packing, I’ll just take a moment to let you know how special this trip is from the start.  Firstly, we were travelling north to attend the Fifth Birthday Bash – ‘North Tassie’ cache event being hosted by the Waterwells.  This event honours the 5th birthday of the first cache placed in Tasmania, North Tassie by Jerry Medlin.  Jerry also placed the second cache placed in Tasmania, South Tasmania 1.  If you’re interested in seeing how long it took caching to take off, check out!

This trip has another element to make it special:  the arrival today of a box FULL of geocoins generously sent to me by a Seattle based cacher, CENT5.  Until recently, we’ve only ever had one or two geocoins in Tasmania, and I’ve never seen one ‘in the flesh’.  I had no idea why my US caching friends seem SSOOOOO enthusiastic about them.  When FunnyNose visited Australia recently, he brought several coins CENT5 had given him.  Suddenly, we understood the attraction!  The ones we’ve seen are fantastically manufactured and commemorate either a local caching group, an individual cacher or caching team, significant events in an area’s caching history, etc.  I emailed CENT5 to thank him for his contribution, and strangely enough he offered to post me some more!!  I am constantly amazed by the kindness and generosity of other geocachers, not just locals but those in other countries as well.  We intend to set these coins ‘loose’ at a CENT5 tribute cache, however it seemed appropriate that they should visit the Birthday Bash!

Well, it seems those slaves have finally finished packing my food, bowls, leads, and copious Schnauzer bedding, so let us continue on our trip.  As the slaves had taken so long packing, we didn’t leave Snuva HQ until around 6.30pm.  The first unfound cache for us was at Ross, so we stopped off there for dinner (fantastic pizza at the bakery!), then headed for Cached’s newest, Daniel Herbert.  I didn’t think it appropriate for me to visit the GZ, so I sent the slaves in in my stead.  I really should have gone to show then what to do!!  The coordinates had them hiding behind a tree, however they searched the headstones and hopefully found the required information.  They RAN back to the cacheMobile (nothing like a nice, brisk summer ‘breeze’ on high ground in the Midlands!), and we were back on the highway as the sky was colouring up, embarrassed that it was going down.  (Joe:  I blame you for that last comment!)

As we continued north, the folly of driving at through sunset in the summer hit us:  BUGS.  LOTS of bugs.  Caaaannn’ttt ssseeeee!  And all the petrol stations we passed were closed and didn’t have any windshield cleaning implements in sight.  The female slave made so as well as she could but UCK!  As we reached Perth and the next unfound cache the slaves realised they hadn’t packed a flashlight – and just why did it take so long to pack if they were going to forget essentials?  So instead of risking Ms Clumsy twisting an ankle in the darkness, we decided to leave it for the trip home.

We were welcomed to Launceston by one of my favourite types of people, a pig!  She stoped us to admire me (really officer, she hasn’t been drinking, that’s just her driving).  Then we were off to Snuva’s Secret Site, our camp close to North Tassie.  How appropriate!

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