Mobile Phone Caching

This won’t be very interesting for most of you, but it’s what I’m thinking about at the moment: my new phone.  It’s a Nokia 6110 which arrived yesterday (while I was away, of course), so I’ve spent part of today figuring how to get Pocket Pocket Query onto it, how to convert unfound caches into Nokia landmarks (GSAK macro, of course), and how to have PPQ accessed directly from one of its buttons.

I’ll see what Pocket Pocket Query is like.  I don’t see this as replacing my Garmin 60csx, however I was hoping Pocket Pocket Query would mean I wouldn’t have to carry my PDA.  I’ve loved and used CacheMate for years, but anything to cut down on the extra gear I carry would be good.  As I’ve hated my phone for years, and as always liked Nokias I’ve had, the 6110 seemed a good choice since prices have come down. 

But Pocket Pocket Query doesn’t have the nice ‘log’ feature CacheMate has.  Sigh.  I have no memory and loved being able to log the find, note any trackables, etc and see them all in a list at the end of the day.  And when I hit a lot of caches, of course could use CMconvert and get my logs up to quite easily.  Anyway, I should get out and use PPQ it before I dis it completely! 

And the phone is nice; we navigated together the 1 1/2 blocks to meet a friend at lunch.  And I took a bad photo of a work friend.  And I can have photos of Snuva and Lottie on it.  And it synchronises with Outlook nicely.  Did it mention it’s shiny?  Ooooohhhh – shiny!

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