Front Garden Paving

A combination of being geocachers and generally incompetent means we do not always get things done around the house terribly speedi-ly.  However if you look at a ‘time-lapse’ view of things over a couple years, you can see we eventually do make some progress!  We decided 2 years ago to turn the front ‘lawn’ into garden beds and paths.  Well, amazingly enough, we’ve done it in under 2 years – with time (and outside man power), who knows what we could do!

10 January 2007 (little Snuva was alive to supervise the start):
A 'before' photo of the new front path and garden bed 

28 October 2007:
Front Garden, 28 October 2007

24 September 2008:
Paving Day 1: Driveway Side

25 September 2008:
Paving Day 2: Driveway Side from Footpath

26 September 2008: FINISHED!!!
Paving Day 3: Driveway Side from Footpath

And from above:

8 September 2008:
Front Garden, 8 September 2008 

24 September 2008:
Paving Day 1: From Above

25 September 2008:
Paving Day 2: From Above

26 September 2008:
Paving Day 3: From Above

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