Me 'N' 4 Humans 'N' the View


Me 'N' My Men!

Tonight I was able to get 4 of my humans to heed my commands! After having such a great time with the HandsomeYoungest at Alloy Overhand, I was really really excited when both he and his brother joined my usual slaves for an early evening walk to Me ‘N’ The View! I opted for the ‘best walk shortest climb’ option, again, but this time I took the lead to ensure the slaves didn’t lead me astray. We had a great walk, especially the brief time when I escaped from my lead and danced through the bush! We hit one short and steep section, however other than that it was all pretty much a level walk that we could make good time on. There were a few lovely cool puddles to cool my feet and provide obstacles for the younger humans to jump. It was a bit disappointing when we reached the top of the steep bit and trees impeded what was a stunning view, but then we reached GZ and WOW! Stunning views that photos certainly can’t do justice too – especially with the clouds we were experiencing.

The walk back was perhaps even more pleasant with the thrill of another find. The humans did their hilarious slipping and tripping down the steep bit – although the female slave disappointed me and didn’t surf on her bottom. It was also getting dusky, so every minute there was more and more activity in the bush as the nocturnal creatures were waking up and getting their coffee hits. And all over the pathway there were mad ants scurrying this way and that!

All in all an excellent walk and a great cache!