Merry Cachemas to us!

As part of a nation-wide (almost?!) cache event, CraigRat listed the fun and exciting The Great Aussie Christmas BBQ 2005 Event Cache – TAS! Unfortunately, although he listed it he was not able to attend but everyone guiltily had a fantastic time without him! I wasn’t able to attend either (I turn my nose at areas that ban canines), but my slaves were there as my representatives.

They arrived at the site only to find orac7000 and the rest of Team Tweeit in the middle of moving! It was raining, and orac had put up a tarp and gotten a roaring fire going, however the people who had the next site over posted a note saying they were meeting elsewhere – so he took over in a flash as the other site had a hut.
So the slaves arrived, put down their food and the Cachemas biscuits the female had baked, and started the socialising. They had a great time and started off chatting with Fairly Magic, the Cheesy Pigs, and Swampy. The female slave had to be quick to avoid the evil Mrs CP’s camera-happy ways – and unfortunately orac joined in and ganged up on her!!! The Waterwells also arrived from the North, and the wonderful mrtack was there (he’s much taller than the female slave had realised – when she spoke to him before he was squatting down and she was sitting – he’s tall and lean!) as were mrstack, Hingrock, and Mrs Hingrock. More southerners arrived – Malbena, el golco, Caxixi, Dippidy (with chocolates!), and the DDTs! All these humans ate, and chatted, and ate, and chatted! Good time had by all – and I had plenty of biscuits at home thanks for asking!

The female slave’s photos were too bad to publish (you really should thank her Mrs CP!), so for a photographic record of the event you’ll have to check out the Cheesy Pigs!