Bruny: 7 caches found, 5 echidnas spotted!



I’d never been to Bruny Island ever. Can you believe it?! Never EVER.

First I just wanted to go for the scenery (BC). Then I wanted to be the first cacher to stash a cache on Bruny. Then I wanted to be the first cacher to find the first cache on Bruny. Then. . .I just figured I’d never get there! So you can imagine how thrilled I was when my slaves finally got the hint and let me know a trip to Bruny was the plan!

I was worried the trip would get cancelled though; not only did it seem too good to be true, but the weather forecast wasn’t sounding promising then in the middle of the night the rain was hitting the roof of Snuva HQ so loudly it even woke up the slaves. However the alarum went off at 6am and unlike a workday they actually rose from the bed! We were off!

We couldn’t have had better timing catching the ferry. I’m certain it was owing to me, somehow. We pulled up into the queue just as the cars were starting their engines, and as the HandsomeMan was talking to the ferry man the female slave was making notes for a cache we would be attacking upon our return. The ferry ride was eventless, and we were soon tootling down the road towards this land of unfound caches!!!

I planned to hit the caches furthest from the ferry first, and as I wanted a good leg stretch we started with Swampy and Tweet’s Solar Cells. It was a lovely little walk, under tree cover for much of the way, so this should be lovely even on a hot day, however this also kept the track nice and slick. moss Unfortunately the slaves didn’t have any amusing falls but they didn’t do the track with the same effortless, fluid movements that I did to traverse the distance. The cache wasn’t difficult to locate. Having come into the open, we could now see what we were about to experience: a rain cloud. solar It started to hit us as we hit the track for our return but didn’t amount to much. The sky was blue and sunny by the time we reached the cacheMobile.

And then we were off! Next on our itinerary was Cleary Sky Bay – but woe is me! No dogs! ‘Pets and firearms not allowed even in vehicles.’ Stoically I remained in the cacheMobile whilst the humans walked to the cache site. It was a lovely flat beach which vehicles that are not graced by the presence of me or my fellow canines (or firearms) would have no problem driving. Apparently the avian life is too sensitive for my presence. ‘Sensitive.’ The slaves saw some fairly robust birds, but they did not report back on any that seemed especially sensitive. Whatever.
Cloudy Bay
From my elevated perspective I could watch the slaves make their way. It was a beautiful, sunny blue day with big poofy white clouds. They passed huge kelp trees that had broken off from their undersea anchorages and washed up on the beach. The most exciting thing they saw, aside from the cache (of course) during their walk was sighted not far before GZ: an echidna! I promise I wouldn’t have eaten her, especially as the female slave named her ‘Beaky’. Echidna1 Beaky let the female slave get quite close to her, so they took a few photos before continuing on to the cache! It was easily found and quickly logged. . .and as the female slave was putting the lid back onto Cleary Sky Bay it started raining with huge rain drops! They started their way back and by the time they finally arrived back to the cacheMobile it was sunny and warm yet again! A pattern was forming – go for a cache, and it rains briefly!

On to the next! It was nearing lunch time, so I decided Alonn(g)ah lunch break sounded like a good idea. This should have been an easy, quick find, however first one slave then the other went to GZ and stumbled all over incompetently. Although Swampy and orac mention a hint in their logs, there wasn’t any on the PDA, so I attempted to send a message asking my friend Mrs CP for the hint, however there wasn’t any mobile coverage there. Sigh.

We went back to Lunawanna as from the outside their local shop looked quite nice and we anticipated a lovely lunch. . .but things didn’t look quite so promising from the inside. I was able to send my message to Mrs CP though, and she immediately rang back and spoke with the female slave giving her the hint. So the slaves had salad rolls (which were freshly made and not all that bad) and I had a delicious yogurt. We headed back to Alonnah and immediately scored the cache! #3!!!

A quick pause on The Neck, and it was time to scare out those caches on north Bruny.
The Neck, Bruny Island
First we I wanted to head for a peaceful life by my dear friends the energizers! Strangely enough I didn’t find it all that quiet; I couldn’t hear anything over the cacophony of excited Schnauzer. It was a stunning little bay full of the most amazing yachts – I hope they appreciated by singing. Then we were off again!

I would just like to mention at this point that I was a bit annoyed with el golco earlier today. I just cannot conceive that a beach as amazing as that where Clear Sky Bay was located would be put in front of my nose. . .only to be completely untouchable by Snuvesque paw. However she made up for it at the opposite end of the island by allowing me to stretch my sleek black limbs, thump the beach sand, chase the waves, poke sticks at my slaves, and see the HandsomeMan find The Keeper of the Canal by almost standing on it (I don’t think we need to worry about coordinate accuracy here!). And the cache even attempted to conform with the theme we had battling throughout the day – a storm cloud was struggling to reach us by the time we were putting the lid back on the cache, but Snuva declared victory and danced her way back to the cacheMobile! On to the next!!! PICT1410

For our last cache on Bruny, we did the first cache placed on Bruny, North Bruny. We drove up, parked, and the biggest challenge was avoiding the muggles who were walking through the area. Lovely beach, but it was busy enough that we signed the log and were off.

Coming over on the ferry in the morning we had noticed the departure times for much later in the day, so just made our way to the ferry to see if we could get an earlier ferry across. We arrived there just as the waiting cars were turning on their engines to board! This was a good thing as we had one more cache in our sights.

We decided to take a different route back to the ferry. On the way we passed some graffiti that was horrid!! Disguised as though it was the signpost for a town, it said (now don’t be shocked) KILLORA!! Horrible! Well, obviously the final ‘C’ had fallen off – and I don’t know who logged a DNF at North Bruny and felt that strongly about it! Further on and we saw, you guessed it, another echidna sauntering across the road.

As soon as we were off the boat the GPSr was fired up to pilot the cacheMobile to the final location of “There she goes!” . I danced around while the slaves searched hither and yon, missing the cache again and again until they finally came up with the goods. And there went the ferry, back off to Bruny!

As a final salute to do the day, we spotted our final echidna of the day as we passed through Margate!

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