May 2004

With not many caches left near by and rain clinging to the Organ Pipes, Snuva heads off for the east coast one day in early May to attack Freycinet Views. We make a day of it and instead of parking at the closest place park further away and scramble over the rocky coast. We find interested old gardens and fences during our trek. The cache is found, log signed and a new log book added as the one in the cache is getting full.

After weeks of waiting and gazing at Mt Wellington, 22 May dawns and the sky is clear – even around the Organ Pipes! Off we go (unfortunately minus the hund as Mt Wellington has just gone canine free, the [email protected]!), and after a fantastic walk and a few false attempts the cache is found. Yeah!

The next day we take a nice Derwent-side walk and leave a bit of local history at Illawarra’s Folly. You can get to this cache quickly or as part of a much longer walk; guess how Snuva decides to do it? And yes, she finds a few sticks to pick up along the way!

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