April 2004

Chepup is off to the Mainland for some adventures, taking her GPSr with her. How evil!! However, Snuva’s workplace has several Magellan Meridian Golds. Wouldn’t she be much better at developing business systems that utilise spatial data if she borrowed a GPSr and played with some spatial data?

9 April, and Snuva sets off with her entourage, the mere human and HandsomeMan, to find herself some geocaches. As they approach Hobart City – Scratchie Exchange Snuva is admired by some muggles (of course). Need to use the hint, but at last some success for the Snuvster! Snuva has a scratchie with a $2 win and in it goes, log is read and signed. Off they go to Wellington’s Cascade and more success! They all read the log, Snuva finds a stick to chew, and the mere human is bitten my mozzies. Excellent! Then off to another – Polar Bear Swim – and another find! With a new log book added as this one is getting full, we stop by home for lunch, then decide to tackle KY Aeroplane. Bit of a drive and more of a walk than the others, but what a fantastic one it is. And Snuva’s been meaning to come here ever since she moved to Hobart.

Looking through gc.com, Snuva realises that there aren’t that many caches in the Hobart area and the cachers that come seem to be mainly from the mainland – or even overseas. She tells a few people she thinks might be interested about it and decides to hide a few more caches. She puts Snuva’s Haunt in another favourite place for a bounce. It also is a nice walk non-locals might not normally find their way to.

Chepup will be flying back to the US, but as she was using Snuva’s van to camp in Snuva meets her in Melbourne. They attempt a few caches – Geometry, Island Hideaway, and Quasimodo’s Dream V2.0, but no luck. Chepup and Snuva just cannot find caches when they are hunting together! Maybe it has something to do with the fact they haven’t seen each other for so long and spend more time talking then hunting?!?!

Chepup heads back to California, and Snuva takes the ferry back home to Tassie. And has a horrible crossing. So horrible that she doesn’t sleep a bit and is too tired to attempt any of the caches up north. Truely evil! She needs a pit stop anyway, so makes an attempt at Heaven’s Gate Drive By. Too tired and grumpy for any success, and Snuva agrees with someone’s log entry that the loo is one of the foulest in the world!

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