June 2004

Snuva decides to take some time away at her New Town holiday house, so HandsomeMan surprises the mere human with a trip to Melbourne for her birthday! And how do they fill in their time? Trips to the National Gallery of Victoria and geocaching of course!
On the first day they score Yes, but is it art? I and Yes, but is it art? II and attempt Geometry and Island Hideaway. This is Snuva’s second attempt at the last two, but still they elude her.

Day two, and Snuva spends much of the day in the NGV – um, Impressionists. When the gallery closes a attempt is made at Figurehead. Score! Later, after all the muggles have gone to sleep, they try for Geometry and this time the HandsomeMan finds it! You really need to go when no muggles are around or you can’t be free enough to look silly and find it.

The next day, the mere human’s birthday, and they have Feet of Bronze after spending some time around the war memorial. Another stint in the NGV, and then they’re off on a Woozle Hunt.

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