Insomnia: annoyance, or cacher’s best friend?? You decide.

The female slave and I woke up long before dawn. I wasn’t getting back to sleep, and I certainly wasn’t going to let her remain in bed, so I convinced her (with my cold nose) that it was time to get going! Since we were out and about just as dawn was breaking, we headed for an area with two new caches. First one we hit was junior farmer in a lovely little pocket park – although unfortunately it was for piglets and not dogs. Not to worry, second cache was a multi!!!


Dawn from junior farmer

And what a great multi historic loss is! We’ver driven past before and wondered about the signe – ‘historic walk’ sounds perfect for caching, of course. And the sign posts are (I assume) well researched and interesting – and prolific! Gives a great feel for what the area has sadly lost. And who would have guessed there is a Village Green at Rokeby?! Reminded me a bit of Laurie; not that the Greens are similar, but I would never have noticed either without caching as I’d driven past plenty of times in the past!

We had a good walk around – especially as I think I flubbed a waypoints – not much sleep and no coffee doesn’t make me the most accurate cacher – but the cache had taught us enough about the history of the area to be able to figure it out. Cache found with no worries, and we actualy got a FTF which surprised me!

When we got home the male slave was actually awake and had been grinding coffee. . .and had just had a phone call from the police asking if he owned a van and had it been stolen! Is it really that unusual to park there and take a walk?!? Or is it an Evil Pig!!!

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