Girlie Cellar Party

Disa & HannahThe Agent of Evil, MandyAs I enjoy putting my female slave through a healthy dose of pain and embarrassment, I had my Agent of Evil (Mandy, who runs the holiday house I frequent) organise a Girlie Cellar Party.  I was unable to attend, however from the sounds of things there was much fun, much laughter, much embarrassment on Disa’s part.  And it was the closest thing to haunting you’ll get without Cornelian Bay, a green bench, and mad dogs everywhere. As it was a party to embarrass her, I’ll let the female slave tell it from here.


Sandra, Wendy, Katrina, & Elaine      Pauline & Sue     Liz & Patsy     Cathy, Sandra, & Jenny

Mandy did a fantastic job organising the event, and it was made special by having a gathering of a bunch of my female friends.  It would have been a bit more relaxing for me if we’d all gotten together just to get together rather than for everyone to stare at me. . .  Mandy began my torture when I arrived, explaining that it was nothing personal but she had been tortured when she got married, so she was just passing on the tradition.  Great – who’s next?!  Do I get to torture THEM?!  The next stage of my torture involved the donning of the Purple Princess attire.  Hmmm – what a special look that was!  And to cap off the look, Pauline made a lovely veil – nicely scalloped edges, double layered so I could hide a bit – and such a wonderful vivid green!

Scott was there!Mandy organised several games to get us away from the food and mixing (quite a feat, that!).  First, as everyone arrived we were all given a ‘South Park Scott’ on a peg; anytime someone said ‘Scott’ or crossed their legs, someone else could steal their peg.  Person at the end of the party with the most pegs won – and it was Cathy!  Next was the ‘how well do you know disa’ questionnaire, which was a bit difficult as I didn’t know how I’d answer most of the questions!  I don’t really have ONE favourite anything – why have one when you can have several!  Hannah won this, but conceded her chocolate-y reward to Liz as she figured living with me gave her an unfair advantage.

Next was the ‘Who Am I’ type game where the ‘volunteers’ had to hold a card with the name of someone famous over their head and try to guess who they were.  In the first round Cathy was Big Bird, Sandra was Hugh Jackman, and Jenny was Tina Turner.  The round was finally won by Sandra when she remembered Mr Jackman’s name; she could picture him long before the name came to her.  In the second round Hannah was Bob the Builder, I was Suzie Quattro, and Pauline was Mick Jagger.  Pauline won after she realised she was male instead of female (who’s Suzie Quattro?!).

Then the parcel was passed, both stopping to music and being passed around according to instructions on the parcel.  I got the chokkies in the end that time :-).  After we tore apart all the layers of the parcel I would have thought Mandy would have had enough of us filthy-ing up her house, but for the next game Mandy set shimmery balloons out on the living room floor and we attacked them in search of Scott.  Being a brutal game and much like getting a First to Find in geocaching, Liz won this one – and gave her chocolate-y reward to Hannah.

After this they decided to show just what a lush I am and give everyone a peak at the types of wine the can now be enjoyed Chez Cragg.  I feel guilty getting such lovely presents from everyone; Scott and I really didn’t decide to get married to get goodies off our friends!  However I know we’ll enjoy these; some favourites as well as lots of wines we’ve never tried before, a fantastic chill bag that we’ll get a lot of use out of camping and haunting, wine glass identify-y thingies, Bailey’s, wine, wine, wine!

And we all left with a Princess party bag. . .  Thank you Mandy for organising a gathering of my female friends, and thank you everyone for the laughter, even though it was at my expense!

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