EXTRA, EXTRA!! Read all about it!

Fascinated by Snuva?!  Can’t get enough of my good looks and intelligent banter?  Can’t wait to hear what ridiculous antics my human slaves will get up to next?  Do you spend your entire day staying as close to internet access as possible so you can keep checking to see if I have posted anything new??  Is RSS just not simple enough for you? 

Well then sounds like you’d like a subscription to this website!  Subscribing means you will automatically get an email each time I publish a new post.  This may be especially interesting while my humans are overseas caching for me (oh yeah, and getting married).  And as part of my special introductory offer, each new subscriber gets a big wet Schnauzer kiss next time I see them!

If you’d like to subscribe, simply contact me via the usual channels or leave a comment to this post.

Special thanks to Horus for helping me get my subscrition plug-in up on the server!

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