FIVE Months Old

That’s right; Eskil is yet another month older! It’s been another big month of being more coordinated, chatting more, and enjoying flying above mum and dad’s heads.  He practises standing on laps while he’s being held and sitting with some assistance.  His head control is almost perfect.  He’s almost holding his own bottle of breastmilk himself and often makes little chewing faces.  He received a certificate proving he made Santa’s nice list, experienced his first Christmas, and had his first slight touch of a summer head cold.

As has become traditional, we celebrated Eskil turning 5 months old by having lunch and ice cream at Sweet Envy.  Lottie came too!

As always, there are a billion photos of Eskil up on Flickr, but here’s a sampling of some from his third month:

[slickr-flickr id=”21284831@N00″ api key=”916a33914a83be0bcdfd314f95d72d55
” tag=5monthpost descriptions=on captions=on sort=date flickr_link=on autoplay=off items=12 type=galleria delay=10 size=m640]

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