Day 5: Friends/Cousins – and packing

We WERE going to go to Boot Camp first thing in the morning, but my throat was sore and Maria had enjoyed a bit too much wine. So we re-set the alarum for 7am, got up then and made coffee. Maria took Erik to work while I had a look through my room.

Then Maria and I were off to Tie A Yellow Ribbon and to finish A Tour of Morgan Hill! They were both great caches. The Key for Cache box TB was in A Tour of Morgan Hill, however I didn’t have time to do it so Maria kept it for later.

More hot chocolates on the way home, then we met Mandy and Larry and the house. We all went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Gilroy. We have a wonderful time talking; I wish we could have caught up longer! We stopped by Mandy’s house briefly and I was able to see the changes there and the loving way Gary had restored my Honda. Mandy drove us back to the house, I changed QUICKLY so Maria could drop me off at Rita’s house. Rita and I met Karen at and LOVELY restaurant in Los Gatos. We had a beautiful meal and chat, then we walked and laughed our way through the town. Karen left for home and Rita and I went back to her house where we chatted some more and looked at Karen’s wedding photos and dress. Maria picked me up at 9.30, then it was home to the chaos of packing. I packed my stuff then logged my finds – and found out lots of people had already found the Devil’s Release cache! In bed at midnight!