Day 4: South County Caches

Tuesday Maria and I woke up, had some coffee, then drove Erik to work at Hope. He gave me a bit of a tour around and introduced me to all his friends and enemies. ;_) We had the pups with us, so then we went to Creek Cache, Acacia’s Cache, and Gilroy Garlic. We DNFed at I think I smell Garlic and School View, however I obviously needed more coffee! So back to the house we went for more coffee and to drop off the puppies-dogs!

Back on the road and we visited the interesting Ohlone Rock, then the next cache that needed visiting was chepup’s first hide, Ram Run. The other cache in the area was archived at the time so I only scored this one, however it was a nice circuit up and around the hill behind Gavilan.

Next we had fun, despite rain, at GGV -Gilroy Golf Veiw, then had a BLAST at Nancy Drew #12 and Walk the Fence! [caching photos] Then we headed out to Colslaw Rocks.

Time to move north, and we did San Pedro Ponds, Jasper’s Playground, hid Snuva’s cache the Devil’s Release: The Ark, and started A Tour of Morgan Hill. I say ‘started’, but we did get to the final waypoint of this multi – however it was too dark for us to reliably see the poison oak at this stage so we had to give up for the day! We got some provisions on the way home, took showers with anti-poison oak soap, then cooked dinner and, no doubt, drank a bit of wine!