Day 3: creekside (mostly) caching

Woke up early in the morning and went to Boot Camp with Maria. It was exhausting but a really good and enjoyable workout! After that we went back home for coffee and to re-group, then it was off to cach!!!

We had decided to go to Santa Cruz to do some caching there, and started off at Here’s Looking at You, Kid! We tried from lots of different angles, however the poison oak was just too bad for us to be able to do it. So we went on to Madonna Music. This was lots of fun – we zipped around from likely-spot to likely-spot until we found it. Although different vegetation was inhibiting our GPSr coverage, it reminded me a lot of caching in Tassie: some of the most beautiful places just aren’t going to have great reception!

At this point we decided to go to San Jose instead. The weather was looking dodgy, and the caches we had been planning to do were in the bush – so some cement might be a bit better.

I needed to stop off at the Quicksilver TB Hotel and Sig Trading Post, so that was our next destination! There were all sorts of great travel bugs that wanted a lift with me, thanks to the cache owner putting a ‘Snuva departure lounge’ in the cache for me! Next were Jack’s Jack O’Lantern, then Quickwood Microwood. Then we decided to park near Creekside Trunk Cache, which was the first cache chepup ever found, and continue along the tracks there moving from cache to cache! We found Treasure Chest, Pfeiffer Pez Palace, Duck Blind, Area 51 & Crabby (LOVED these! and Area 51 was Snuva’s 150th cache find!), Ultimate Battleship: Shrinking Battlefield, and Ultimate Battleship: Weapons Depot. I retrieved a cache from the weapon’s depot which was later released in Tasmania, Ultimate Battleship: Snuva’s Throne. It was getting on for time, so we got back to the car. Maria needed a hot chocolate, and as we were going past Urban Assault #16, we grabbed that one too!!! I LOVE caching where there are SO MANY caches!!!

Then it was home, back out to Nob Hill for provisions, then Maria and I cooked dinner and, no doubt, drank a bit of wine!