Day 6: Good-bye CA, hello Papeete!

Maria and I woke up at 3.15am to how and hit the road to the airport by 4am. Well, by the time everyone was ready – 4.40am. We drove to TS’s house and picked up her and Larry, then got to SFO where we said our good-byes then played the lovely game of hurry-up & wait. We transferred in LAX to Air Tahiti Nui; dad got in trouble before we were even on the plane – taking photos of the plane as we were walking up to it on the tarmac.
Air Tahiti Nui

LOVE Air Tahiti Nui! Received a flower, tiare Tahiti, Individual screens where you could pick different channels of movies, ads, music, or games – the food was fantastic such as yummy salmon and a nice glass of bubbly – I even liked the blue and green colour scheme. I sat next to TS so we could practise being roomies 😉

Arrival in Tahiti was humid and sticky. The airport is small and not air conditioned. You wait like cattle in a group to be processed through immigration – slowly. Then it was the battle of figuring out where to exchange a traveller’s cheque or two, how and where to get a phone card, how to phone the owner of our pension, Chez Myrna, etc. We were quite pleased to see him when he arrived!

Chez Myrna from the street

Chez Myrna is on the airport side of town so we didn’t need to travell through town to get there so didn’t see much – however it was dark and we were tired so that suited us OK. But in the darkness we saw feral dogs and streets.  We decided who would get which bedroom, and then sat around the table consuming water!  Here’s a photo of it the next morning. The first guest house you came to (behind the palm) was ours, with shared living room, dining room, kitchen (with frigs that almost worked) and 3 individual bedrooms. The dark patio at the end of the drive is where we had breakfast.