Category: 2006 US Wedding Trip

Day 15: Showers!

Miles travelled: 6210 to 6406 (total of 196 miles/ 315 kilometres) Weather: clear & sunny Highlight of the day: Showers, getting a camp site at Capital Reef & making the geology walk!

Day 14: Arches National Park

Miles travelled: 6111 to 6210 (total of 99 miles/ 160 kilometres) Weather: clear & sunny Highlight of the day: Walks to Delicate Arch and Park Avenue (total kilometres walked on trails, not counting lookouts and incidentals etc = 14 km)

Day 12: Monument Valley to Mesa Verde

Miles travelled: 5645 to 5860 (total of 215 miles) Weather: clear & sunny Highlight of the day: Monument Valley & Mesa Verde            Â

Day 11: Grand Canyon to Monument Valley

Miles travelled: 5458 to 5645 (total of 187 miles) Weather: clear and sunny Highlight of the day: Grand Canyon, Watch Tower, and arriving at Monument Valley for sunset    Â

Day 10: Our Wedding Day

Miles travelled: 5353 to 5458 (total of 5 miles) Weather: slightly overcast in the morning, then clear, sunny, with dark rain clouds in the afternoon to keep Disa stressed Highlight of the day: Hmmmmm. . .

Day 9: Williams and Grand Canyon

Miles travelled: 5361 to 5453 (total of 92 miles) Weather: clear, sunny, with clouds – one which sprinkled rain on us on the road to the Grand Canyon – then it poured exactly 24 hours before our wedding! Highlight of…

Day 8???: The Teaser

Here we are at the Grand Canyon, having had a lovely beautiful meal.  We have loads of information and photos on both a CD and a laptop all ready to share with you – and yet our internet access leaves…

Day 8: Welcome to Arizona!

Miles travelled: 5048 – 5361 (day total of 313 miles) Weather: clear, sunny, and hot, but we spent much of the day in an air conditioned cacheMobile! Highlight of the day: Lunch at Big Momma’s Country Kitchen (motto: ‘Git in…