Allt för Sverige

Lori opening family treasureThere are many negative things you can say about Facebook, but probably just as many positive things you can say. One of the positives for me has been a group set up a family member with a passion for geneology, Lori Ferguson. It has been interesting getting to know her and other extended family members in this group, and of course fascinating to find out more about our family history. I enjoy seeing posts that starts ‘XXX years ago in our family history. . .’, often accompanied by a photo I’ve not see before. This of course also means we can share other family photos and stories.

Lori had an amazing opportunity a few months ago: she was selected as a cast member for the 3rd season of a Swedish reality TV programme, Allt för Sverige. As the show has aired, she’s been taking us along on her journey. We’ve been watching the episodes as they have become available on YouTube, and she’s been posting extra information and photos after each episode on her Facebook fan page. As the season progresses, the contestants find out about their family but also more about Sweden and Swedish culture. However, a contestant leaves the programme each episode.

The finale will be broadcast on the evening of 8 December (Swedish time). Episodes are usually uploaded to YouTube within a few hours – sickedojne seems to post them quickly. Lori is one of the finalists! Have a watch, follow along, and let’s hope Lori wins the family reunion at the end!

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