46 Months

Subtitle: Why I’m Not My Son’s Best Friend

Some of the many reasons I am not my son’s best friend:

  • I pointed out a crane to him to make certain he saw it as he loves cranes. However that made me ‘the winner’ because I said the word ‘crane’ first, so he’s not my best friend.
  • I gave him a cup of milk because he said he wanted milk – however I used the green rather than blue cup.
  • I told him we would take the car to the Margate train, which is 17 kilometres away, rather than walk.
  • We took the small car to the Margate train and not the big car, which didn’t have his car seat in it.
  • I don’t like the colour orange.
  • I didn’t make the car go when he told me to as the light was red and there were other cars in front of us.
  • He missed seeing the yellow stoplight.

However other moments I am his best friend:

  • He loves hugs on the couch.
  • He likes laughing at me – for example when I throw a ball into the basketball hoop – but as it’s just a light bouncy ball it isn’t heavy enough to fall through the hoop.
  • He loves silly dances – and choreographing all of our moves. ‘Do this. . .do this!’

Waiting for the dancing catSinging and dancing in the rain

Leading Lottie all by himselfSwinging and jumping

NestingTree climber

Playing ballWatch out seagulls

CuddlesVegemite face

Train loveAll the fun in the world