42 Months

Getting all the posts out for our holiday has meant I have lots of other posts banked up, but I thought I’d get a current post actually DONE!

Some of the things occupying Eskil in the last month have been:

  • Dancing. Walking dancing, dancing around poles, dancing to Captain Feathersword and other Wiggles songs, etc.
  • Potty training. Which I am so very, very over. At home or if he’s not too engrossed with what he’s doing he’s not too bad with wees. However he often slinks off to poo alone in a room or in his undies if we’re not at home. Ugh. BTW undies are disposable. DISPOSABLE. When he started back at day care after Christmas we would have huge bags of washing when we picked him up as the new toys and playground are much more exciting than going to the toilet. Now he usually only needs to be changed once (although he’s so excited when we arrive that he seems to wee himself while he’s telling us what he’s done during the day).
  • He’s been at his new day care near home for a month now. He seems to have settled in well, although he doesn’t mention the manes of any friends he’s made yet. He still seems to have fantasies of the boys from his gang showing up at his new day care. We park near day care, drop him off, then walk into work. Then we walk back, pick up Eskil, and then head back home. We love it. It’s what we’ve been looking forward to since we moved here, so it’s nice to finally have a place at the local day care!
  • Seeing friends! We’ve met up with Eskil’s best friend once to play and another time we happened to go to the aquatic centre at the same time. It eases the pain of not being in the same day care, but he does miss his friend.
  • Evolving his bedtime routine. Now he runs down the hallway ahead of me, he and I have to hide under his doona at the foot of his bed, daddy finds us, Eskil has a last trip to the loo then gets a nappy for nighttime, then he and Scott act out the animals while I ready Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. Then his blinds go down, his alien gumboots are brought into the dark room so we can admire them glowing as well as the stars on his ceiling.
  • Adventures with mummy. I still have Thursdays and Fridays off with Eskil. and I try to remember to make them fun rather than just getting errands done. He loves going to the local cafe, especially as he adores what he calls ‘red bitings’, i.e. Jaffas, which they serve with coffees. Yesterday we went to a playground we’d never been to before. The playground equipment sucked, however it was on an awesome beach so we played in the waves for at least an hour. Today we went to the Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens to see ducks and run a bit wild.
  • Swimming. We go to the acquatic centre together, and today Eskil started back at the swimming centre he’s been going to since he turned 6 months old. However today was historic as he started having lessons on his own. He was a bit concerned that mummy wasn’t taking her clothes off. He hesistated getting in, but he warmed to it after a few minutes. He’s usually very confident in the water.
  • Green, yellow, and red. Eskil now knows what stop lights are for, and loves spotting them and yelling to let me know if it’s time to go, be careful, or stop.
  • Soccer balls. He loves playing soccer balls (which is any ball game).
  • Playground. He loves going to the playground of course. On weekends he like going to Long Beach. Daddy stays with him with the playground with the digga, and mummy and Lottie go for a walk.
  • Crushing. When we’re out for a walk, Eskil loves to ‘crush’ us, i.e. walk on our shadows.

At bat
Cafe smile
Train conductor
Eskil being supa
Group hug
Upside down statue
See saw
How to give your mummy a heart attack
An inconvenient place for a rest
Assorted ducks
Climbing through
Eating. Hooray!
Australia Day picnic on the deck
I might collapse from the cute!
Red and Green
Beach dancing
Lily pond
Trying to catch a rainbow