Euro14 Day 45: the journey home

Temperature: Paris Max 27°C; Dubai Max 42°C; Hobart Max 15°C.
Weather: Summer to winter.

And so we made our way from the northern hemisphere summer to the southern hemisphere winter; from the lands of travel and exploration to the comforts of home. Yet again we didn’t get all 4 seats alone together, and I found the flights quite miserable. In Dubai we had some coffee and a snack, experienced the bizarrely warm toilets, and waited in crowded waiting areas. In Melbourne airport I was very worried we’d miss our connecting flight as we couldn’t use the automated customs since Eskil is too young. However we just made it (and just escaped having to pay extra for bags) with time to spare for coffee. Delicious, Australian coffee!!
Between Dubai and Melbourne
It was lovely seeing the coastline of Tasmania!
We flew over the highlands, and they were covered in a generous amount of snow.
From summer to winter
Mt Wellington had its own dusting of snow.

CONFIRMED: There is snow on Mt Wellington
Eskil fell asleep on the last flight just as before we arrived.
Arrival in Hobart.  It has been a long journey!
Eskil also fell asleep in the taxi on the way home, and when the taxi stopped out front of our house he wanted to ride in it for longer so he could sleep more. Lottie was thrilled to see us and was even clingier than usual. However she had been well looked after by our friend Caz, and we even had dinner waiting in the fridge!
Lottie peering at me from around each corner (when she's not climbing into my lap)
Eskil was thrilled to see all his stuff – his toys, his Wiggles DVDs, his cot. We all had an afternoon nap. We arrived home on Saturday, had a very restful Sunday, and were all back at work/day care on Monday.
It was a memorable trip!
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